A ScrewTurn Wiki to Remember

February 28, 2011

You might think it is overkill, but I decided I wanted to have a Wiki available here as well.  Fact is, I can't remember half the stuff I do and it would be helpful to have a more organized system for data capture for things than just the blog.  I'll use the wiki for documentation of the projects I'm working on.  Its not for you, its for me, but I'll keep it public.  So why the blog post?  

I decided to use ScrewTurn Wiki for a host of reasons including the fact that I've used it before.  Getting it to run as a subdirectory of BlogEngine.NET took a bit of configuration, which I figured I would share.

Originally I thought I would have to modify the UrlRewriter that BlogEngine.NET uses since it doesn't appear to have a configurable option to remove a particular subdirectory from consideration.  I made that change and then just hit other issues which lead me to the better solution, which was changing the ScrewTurn Wiki web.config file to remove any of the conflicting modules.

Here are the required changes.

Add this to the web.config node:

<roleManager enabled="False">

Add this to the pages node:


And finally add this to the httpModules node:

<remove name="WwwSubDomainModule"/>
<remove name="UrlRewrite"/>
<remove name="CompressionModule"/>
<remove name="ReferrerModule"/>

And with that you have ScrewTurn Wiki running in a subdirectory under BlogEngine.NET.

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